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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lola and Bob's first date...

A week after Lola's birthday Bob decided that it was time to take Lola out. He had been saving up so that he could take her out to the fanciest restaurant in town.
They arrived early for their reservation so Lola suggested that they went inside for drinks first. 
They decided that they wanted to eat outside as it was a lovely warm evening so they ordered then sat outside and waited for their food. Even though they were such good friends, the idea of being on a date made them nervous so they waited for their food in silence.
By the time the food arrived they were both quite hungry. As they ate they started to feel more comfortable and talked more. It took them over 3 hours to eat their meal because they were chatting so much.
After the meal, Bob took Lola home. They stood inside the door, both unsure of what to do.
After a moment they both leaned in and kissed each other goodnight.

I hope you enjoyed reading :) More to come soon!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Birthdays Galore...

Arabella had sent James out to buy some groceries. While he was walking across the park the time came for his birthday and he turned into an adult. He went and finished up the shopping and headed back home again.
While James was out, Arabella had started having contractions. The were getting closer together and she was hoping James would be home soon to witness the birth.
As soon as James came in the door he heard his wife screaming in the living room. He ran straight in and started panicking! All of what Arabella had told him about the stages of labour and what to do had suddenly left his mind.
"Well...aren't you going to do something?!?!?!?"
Luckily Arabella managed to sort most things by shouting orders at James and he was to shocked at what was happening to question.
After a lot more screaming and pushing Arabella gave birth to her baby. A little boy called Louis. Because Arabella had a fantastic pregnancy she could choose his traits.
She loved him instantly and you could see from the way they looked at each other that they would be very close forever.

After feeding Louis and cuddling him for a while Arabella took him up to his new bedroom which had been finished only a couple of days earlier.
The following day it was Arabella's turn to have her birthday. James invited family and close friends to a small party to celebrate Louis's birth and Arabella's birthday.

I hope you enjoyed reading :) 

Monday, 1 March 2010

The Figg House...Updated...

With Arabella pregnant and Lola now an adult, the Figgs decided that they needed more space so they invested in a new 2 floor extension.
Ground floor with two new rooms and a bathroom to the rear of the house.
First floor with an extra bedroom for the baby/babies, a living room/study and en-suite added for Lola and the old bathroom split into an en-suite for James and Arabella and a family bathroom.
Upstairs 1: Lola in her living room/study.
Upstairs 2: Lola's bedroom.
Downstairs 1: The new gym.
Downstairs 2: The new spare room, possibly a study or TV room.

Lola grows up...

Lola's birthday finally arrives! She grows up without any fuss. She didn't want a big party like her parents wanted her to have.
After she was done ageing up she quickly heads to the drawers to get out the new outfit her parents brought her as a present.
She then promptly heads back to writing her novel.
A couple of days later she finally plucks up the courage to call Bob Newbie over. She isn't sure if he married Anita or not but she decides she has to tell Bob how she feels.
It turns out that Bob and Anita's relationship wasn't going to well so, once he has heard how Lola feels, Bob is more than happy to end it. He tells her that he has always secretly loved her and asks if she would like to meet up for a date.
Lola agrees and Bob and her share their first kiss as adults. You can see what Lola is thinking but Bob wants to take the relationship a bit more slowly to give Anita some time to adjust. They decide that the will wait a few days before making their relationship public knowledge.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Sorry if it sounds a bit strange, it has been almost two months since I last played with the Figgs and it is a bit of a struggle to remember what was going on!! I will try to get some more of the story written up and posted ASAP!!

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