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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lola and Bob's first date...

A week after Lola's birthday Bob decided that it was time to take Lola out. He had been saving up so that he could take her out to the fanciest restaurant in town.
They arrived early for their reservation so Lola suggested that they went inside for drinks first. 
They decided that they wanted to eat outside as it was a lovely warm evening so they ordered then sat outside and waited for their food. Even though they were such good friends, the idea of being on a date made them nervous so they waited for their food in silence.
By the time the food arrived they were both quite hungry. As they ate they started to feel more comfortable and talked more. It took them over 3 hours to eat their meal because they were chatting so much.
After the meal, Bob took Lola home. They stood inside the door, both unsure of what to do.
After a moment they both leaned in and kissed each other goodnight.

I hope you enjoyed reading :) More to come soon!


  1. Such a cute family! I'm loving it :D

  2. Hehe...thanks :) Glad you like it... that's a huge compliment coming from someone who writes such amazing stories :)


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