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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Just a quick note...

I am still posting on this blog. I have just been a bit too busy to play Sims and blog this week!! Have some screen shots taken which I am just about to write up into a couple of posts. I may be having a little break from the Figg family soon as I have just created a new sim. I will introduce her in a few days :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

An exciting development...

Well...the money has been saved, the extension has been built and Arabella and James are expecting their next child!!! Of course, nothing will stop Arabella from getting on with her gardening. Fresh air is meant to be good for you!

Also she has to find some way to work off all the calories from eating all the grilled cheese she has been craving.

Despite being banned from practising martial arts by the game, she is still managing to exercise regularly.

Which is a very good thing given the amount of grilled cheese she is eating (seriously...if this was Sims 2 she would have developed the Grilled Cheese aspiration by now)

Even after all the gardening, eating, exercising and eating she still has time to relax and enjoy her pregnancy. All that is left to do now is wait and see what comes out (boy/girl/llama) and how many there are.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

First Love...

More news from the Figgs...

It seems that Lola has found her first love interest...Bob Newbie (Not the fat, bald Sims 1 Bob, the new teenage Sims 3 Bob!) Awwww....aren't they sweet. Unfortunately for Lola Bob already has a girlfriend :( Even worse, she is one of Lola's best friends, Anita.

Luckily Lola and Bob both manage to forget this for long enough to share their first kiss...

Thanks to the wonderful open neighbourhood design of Sims 3 and the fact that I have ageing and story progression on, the next time Bob is invited over he has aged up and is a young adult which has currently ended his and Lola's romantic relationship. We will just have to hope that Lola ages up soon enough to get together with Bob again before he decides to marry Anita!! Until then Lola is working on staying as friendly with Bob as she can.

Elsewhere in the Figg household, Arabella has taken up martial arts after being persuaded into it by James.

She has got quite good at it as you can see. Maybe her and James will go to China together for the contest.

She has also managed to grow fish on her new Omni plant (the fish which were fed to it were caught by James who has now taken up fishing). I laughed for ages after taking this screen shot, it looks so strange.

Hope you enjoyed reading more about the Figgs. As with the last posts, please feel free to leave comments or questions!! I will post some more soon :)

The Figg House...

A little tour of the Figg family's house...

External image 1, Arabella's huge garden!

External image 2, garden again.

External image 3, back of the house.

The kitchen/dining room with one of Lola's paintings on the wall.

The living room. More of Lola's paintings on the wall and Arabella upgrading the new stereo.

The master bedroom. One of Lola's photographs on the wall.

Lola's bedroom and Lola painting.

The bathroom.

I will post some more screen shots of the house after the extension is built. Please feel free to leave comments and questions :)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Introducing the Figg family...

I thought I would write a post introducing my current game family, the Figgs. They are Arabella and James and their teenage daughter Lola. They live in Riverview in a newly built two bedroom house with a lovely view of the river.

First we have Arabella Figg. She is a young adult and wants to grow a perfect garden (so far she has 2 out of 8 plants at a perfect standard). She doesn't have a job and spends most of her time in the garden or upgrading objects around the house. She is also a keen cook! Her traits are: Green thumb, vegetarian, loves outdoors, natural cook and bookworm. She would like to have more children soon but her and James are saving up the money to build and extension for the extra bedroom.

Next we have James, Arabella's husband. He is also a young adult and has completed his lifetime wish by becoming a superstar athlete. He works 4 days a week and has two football games as well. He likes helping Arabella with her gardening (especially the weeding), cooking and developing his martial arts skill. His traits are: Neat, vegetarian, athletic, ambitious and lucky. He is hoping to travel to China soon to take part in a martial arts contest.

Finally we have Arabella and James's teenage daughter Lola. She was only a child when they first moved to Riverview but settled in well at school (she even got on the Honour Roll) and made lots of friends. She is very artistic and spends most of her free time painting, writing books or taking photographs. She has already mastered the painting and writing skills and is well on her way to mastering photography. Her lifetime wish is to have a world class photo gallery (have a collection of photographs worth §25,000 with at least 10 from each of the 3 holiday destinations). Her traits so far are: Photographer's eye, vegetarian, artistic and            perfectionist.

And there you have the Figg family (so far). Hope you have enjoyed meeting them! I will be posting further updates and screen shots as I play with them more. Please feel free to leave comments on them.

Most of the custom content I have used comes from The Sims Resource, if you see any custom content you like in the screen shots leave a comment about it and I will try to post a link to it!

First Post!!!

Hi there!!
I am going to be updating this blog with details on the families and stories I am playing on The Sims 3 at the moment.
I would love to write full stories but I always get too caught up in playing and forget to take the screen shots I need!
I will also update with screen shots and descriptions of the houses and other creations I am uploading to The Sims Resource. You can look at the bits I have already uploaded here: My Sims Resource Page.
Please follow this blog and leave comments if you want would be nice to know what people think of my games and creations! :) :) 

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