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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Figg House...

A little tour of the Figg family's house...

External image 1, Arabella's huge garden!

External image 2, garden again.

External image 3, back of the house.

The kitchen/dining room with one of Lola's paintings on the wall.

The living room. More of Lola's paintings on the wall and Arabella upgrading the new stereo.

The master bedroom. One of Lola's photographs on the wall.

Lola's bedroom and Lola painting.

The bathroom.

I will post some more screen shots of the house after the extension is built. Please feel free to leave comments and questions :)


  1. that is lovely house! I love colours that you use and of course garden :)) Sims never be bored there

  2. Thanks :D It is so sad that I lost it :'( I think I may have exported it somewhere but I can't find it :(


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